Xbox 360 No Power Repair

What causes the Xbox 360 Original power fault?

Power surges or general component failure can be at fault. Capacitors on the Xbox 360 motherboad can fail and need replacement. If liquid has managed to get into the Xbox it can cause power issues too and, depending on the amount of damage, could be unrepairable.

There is also a flex cable at the front of the console that can be torn if the Xbox is dropped. This then stops the touch buttons from responding.

How do we repair the Xbox 360 Original power fault?

The first thing we do before any repair is test the console to confirm the fault. We then proceed to open the Xbox 360 Original and clean it out as we go. We will inspect the motherboard for faulty components and replace where necessary.

We service and clean all consoles that come to us. We will test our repair at least 4 hours on our testing bench prior to releasing it for dispatch.


Xbox 360 Original Power Fault Repair. Is this the right repair for you?

>Xbox 360 doesn’t power on at all – no lights
>Check the power lead – if the light is red on the power brick you may just need to buy a new power supply

Xbox Repair in Baltimore

>Courier Collection available
>3 – 5 working day standard tunraround
>Online tracking to keep you up to date


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