One of the most common accidents that may happen to your iPhone is liquid damage. Liquid damage can occur when any liquid enters the device, for example is a drink has been spilled or maybe you forgot to remove from your pocket before swimming. Water damage can be very dangerous for your devices internal components and can destroy the iPhone for good if not treated. That is why when your iPhone is suffering from liquid damage you need the iPhone water damage repair as fast as possible using a professional service. Only an expert will be able to withdraw all the liquid from your device and repair your mobile so you can once again enjoy it as you did before.

Water Damage Repair for popular iPhone

What to do in case of emergency?

Unfortunately, fixing liquid damage for the iPhone is one of the hardest repairs, it requires quick action from you – otherwise your mobile may be ruined for good. First thing you need to do is separate the device from the liquid, the quicker the better. We also strongly recommend taking off the case and protective screen (if you have one) This helps to dry your device faster. Sometimes your smartphone may still work even for several days after a situation like these but progressive electro-corrosion will cause irreversible changes to its motherboard. So cleaning now is very important.

Liquid damage iPhone repairs

At our company we hire the best experts in iPhone servicing, which are known to have a certain expertise in that field. When you will bring or ship your device to us, the technicians will carry out a comprehensive diagnosis. iPhone water damage repairs begin with desoldering the motherboard and cleaning it in the ultrasonic washer. After the bath we will dry all the components and diagnose the damages to give you a complete quote. As soon as you approve the estimate we will start working on your device immediately and we will do the best we can to complete the repairs as fast as possible.

iPhone liquid damage repair cost

We do our best when it comes to reducing liquid damage repair costs and try to keep them to a minimum, but the final price depends on many factors. You – as a user – may also lower it a bit by following our guidelines listed above. If water has been spilled on the iPhone – immediate action is required, otherwise the device may need an advanced repair or even might be ruined for good. The water damaged iPhone repair cost will be complied and emailed to you after a full thorough diagnosis. If the estimated price of the service is too high for you – feel free to cancel the repair and only pay the fee as stated in our terms and conditions.

If you spilled liquid on your IPhone and you want our experts to proceed with the iPhone repair for water damage, feel free to message us. We are ready to fix it as fast as we can! Our Northamptonshire office is open every week day between 9am and 5:30pm, you may visit us and leave your device in store or send it. If you live outside the town it is not a problem – we offer a Send-in-Service as well. Our experts will be doing their best to repair the mobile phone within as little time as possible – the deadline depends on the type of damage. Don’t forget to check our other service as well since we offer many kinds of repairs for most iPhones like a broken screen fixing, a battery replacement and so on. We also recommend you to read the our previous customers’ reviews which are available on our Facebook and other social media profiles – we are proud of them!

How It Works?

Choose your repair

Know exactly what you need? Screen repair, battery replacement or something else, just click on the correct icon for you. If you are not sure, don’t worry, we also offer a professional diagnosis service to clarify all doubts for you.

Send it to us for repair

If your local, just pop in to our store and leave your phone for express repair, but if you are not, don’t worry because we offer a send in service too so we can be accessible for everyone!

Receive your device

If you are collecting your device we will let you know the moment its ready, but if you are online, we will post your device back out to you asap via recorded delivery with optional upgrades on return postage!