A battery. One of the most important and most often changed part of a smartphone. A typical, standard battery lasts for about two years, sometimes even longer; however, Apple recommends the iPhone battery replacement once a year. If you use your phone for a couple of hours per day, it is very likely that you would have to do it earlier than others.
We are proud to say that we use fully certified batteries that follow the Apple specifications bringing you the best quality at the best cost.
Each battery we offer covers at least 500 cycles of charging which gives you another year or two of peace of mind! They also complied with the Apple requirements and we can assure you that your iPhone-after the battery replacement-will keep the charge like brand new one!
Process of the battery replacement is very fast and guarantees an immediate effect you can feel and see just straight away!

Battery Replacement for popular iPhone





iPhone battery replacement in the US

Have you been looking for an Apple iPhone battery replacement in the US? Do not look any further! Here, at Baltimore Maryland Cell Phone Repair Store US Wireless Repair
, we have been replacing iPhone batteries for years, offering professional repairs at a great price. Our engineers are very experienced and do their job appropriately, they never give up easy, even though the charging problems are serious and may be related to not only a battery, but the CPU on the motherboard. To make sure we provide a correct repair or replacement, we never leave any room for doubts in this matter, that’s why we diagnose all devices which come to our store with charging issues. This way we can feel confided when offer help with faulty batteries or other parts. iPhones have no surprises for us and you can leave your phone in our good hands and be sure that everything will be sorted for you in a proper manner with using professional tools and certified parts.

We have to admit that iPhone repair battery is our second, the most popular service. No wonder why- the battery damage is very common and it’s not only natural consequence of using our phones for many hours per day, but also it may happen if your phone had contact with a liquid or a steam or suffers after serious impact damage. Then not only a screen must be replaced, but the battery as well, because the huge shock which affect the device as a whole unit very often triggers a chemical reaction in the cell, which causes slow but constant gas producing in the battery. Finally, very swollen, expanded battery may push the iPhone screen out and causes further problems with charging and overheating of the handset.

Some of our customers feel brave enough and try to replace them at home. Unfortunately, it’s not very good idea as an average iPhone is a very complicated and technologically advanced device.

Something, which seems to be easy when you watch YouTube videos, finally brings us huge headache and serious troubles with badly damaged device. After self-iPhone battery replacement most phones finish in the rubbish bin as they are too damaged to save them. So, definitely, we advise you to use professional service for repair- and that’s why Baltimore Maryland Cell Phone Repair Store US Wireless Repair
is here for you!

On the basis of our many years’ experience we can assure you that your iPhone will be repaired in professional manner, the battery we provides are fully certified. There is no point to put your precious iPhone for risk of sudden and painful death when repaired by amateur!
iPhone battery replacement is the simple way how you can look after your device and prolong its life because replacing iPhone battery with a brand new, certified one will allow for longer phone life, better charging times and amazing longevity. This is the thing we expect from our phones, isn’t?

If you would require iPhone battery replacement in store, we will be more than happy to meet you at our office in Baltimore Maryland and provide iPhone battery replacement while you wait the service while you wait, so if it’s not too far for you, just visit us at any time!

Sometimes, for a many reasons our customers cannot meet us personally, then we recommend them using of our online booking for iPhone battery replacement same day. Our turnaround is fantastic, so if you would think you are too busy to come to Baltimore Maryland Cell Phone Repair Store US Wireless Repair
store, just let us assist you with the online booking, just call us or email us, we will be more than happy to help.

iPhone battery replacement cost

Replacing iPhone battery has never been so easy and cost effective like now. However, at Baltimore Maryland Cell Phone Repair Store US Wireless Repair
we always complete full tests before iPhone battery replacement to avoid needless costs.

First of all, we never use second hand or refurbished batteries. We are aware that other services or sellers offer refreshed or used batteries which are much cheaper, but we also know that you cannot trust them at all, as usually they are removed from dead devices or from phones which experienced a liquid damage in the past or they are too worn and shouldn’t be used anymore. Offering used or refurbished batteries significantly mark down an iPhone battery replacement cost, but saving on the quality always pays in troubles and usually force people to order new iPhone battery again.

During many years of our work we have seen a lot of dodgy iPhone batteries in our customer’s devices. Some of them were refreshed, packed in gold foil which should guarantees significantly bigger capacity, some of them were wrapped in black tapes which should cover sings of damage and removing from original devices, finally some of them were just used and worn by previous owner and re-sold to someone else. These one usually are expanded in results of gas which is produced by faulty cells. Unfortunately, none of them are sufficient and definitely cause huge risk for an iPhone. Most phones’ users are not aware what they have inside of their phones after a battery replacement provided by unprofessional repairer or service as they cannot remove the back cover of the phone to check it.

Situation like that never happens at Baltimore Maryland Cell Phone Repair Store US Wireless Repair
. We are happy to tell you that our batteries are completely brand new and fully certified. What’s more, they are found to be in complete compliance with EMC directive 2004/108/EC and LVD directive 93/68/EEC which means that they fully cover Apple requirements.

In cost of battery replacement will guarantee you full tests of the existing battery, the complete examination of the motherboard and the charging system and also measurements of the power consumption and power loss in the device.

All mentioned tests let us make sure that you really need a new battery. If one of the examinations brings negative readings, we will not replace the battery for you, but will contact you to discuss further steps and other repairs solutions.

If all tests are positive, we will complete iPhone repair battery as requested in your order.

All mentioned procedures are created to make sure that the iPhone battery replacement is correct solution for your problem and also prevents losing your money for repairs which are not necessary.

iPhone battery replacement near me

Everyone, at least once in a lifetime experienced a power issues. What we usually do when it’s happen? First of all, we start considering iPhone battery replacement or new phone. Most people eventually decide for a repair which is much more affordable. Then, we start looking for a repair or replacement on the local market or online. Most people would prefer to use local service- some of them because they want to just support a local community, some of them would prefer to see face to face people who will keep their expensive iPhone which usually is full of sensitive data or personal photos. It’s always nicer to speak to someone, discuss all doubts to make sure that the repair will go smoothly and with no nasty surprises.

However, it’s not always possible and luckily, you can use Baltimore Maryland Cell Phone Repair Store US Wireless Repair
service! We understand that we may be far from you and before you use our online service you would like to know who we are. We are glad to tell you that our reviews are excellent. And they are left by real, genuine people, not by companies who sell reviews for other businesses. We are very proud of our reviews. You can find them on Trustpilot, on Google or Facebook, where you can see real customers with their real stories and recommendations.

So, if you are in trouble and looking for help with your iPhone battery damage, then you start from asking the simple question who may sort the problem out without delay and the best near you, you need to remember that you are not limited. Luckily, thanks to the internet, you do not have to limit yourself to local shops or repair centres because, very often, they are not professional enough to cover your needs. Contrary to them, we provide fully specialistic, professional service which guarantees you certified parts, very reasonable prices, great time around and fantastic customer service. Our reviews are the best proof of our great customer service and professionalism!

It’s just Baltimore Maryland Cell Phone Repair Store US Wireless Repair
quality! So, if you are looking for new iPhone battery, just let us know- you can give us a call, you can email us, you can pop in to our store or just place your order online. We will be more than happy to help you with all your iPhone problems!

Even though the replacing of iPhone battery is one of the most common repairs, we can promise that during the repair we will look after your device as a whole unit, so we can check it for you – completely free of charge- that you have no other hidden issues. If we would find them, except the sorting out the battery damage, we provide a report from the test to keep you informed in regards of current condition of your device.

It’s not end of good news! Here, at Baltimore Maryland Cell Phone Repair Store US Wireless Repair
we promise express repairs without additional charges. You do not have to spend your money for repairs while you wait. There is a fantastic opportunity for customers who live locally, because iPhone battery repair took only an hour. If you are local, just pop into store for prompt, immediate repair or, if you would prefer to use our online booking system, we promise to replace a damaged iPhone battery and send back to you the same day!

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