iPhone X Battery Replacement guarantees you:

  • A brand new (not refurbished or second hand) sealed iPhone X Battery Replacement
  • iPhone X Battery which complies with EC and CEE directives
  • Guarantee time the same length as Apple Store provide to make sure you receive the best quality service
  • Express turnaround for online and local customers (locals please visit us in the store  )
  • Peace of mind you are doing right thing !

Still have doubts?

  • We have been registered with the Information’s Commissioners Office since 2012!

A battery in an iPhone is the thing which is completely necessary and we have no choice but approve that. Nothing lasts forever and our iPhone X battery will stop charge right with a time and eventually you will come to the situation, you’re your handset will stay on the cable through a whole day!

There is a solution for this- iPhone X battery replacement. Fast, successful way, which let your cell gets back on its feet just straight away after repair. Fortunately, you do not have to be without your iPhone for days or weeks.

If you live locally, we can do an Apple iPhone X battery replacement in 1 hour only. If you wish to use our online booking, we will be able to do it for you same day and we will not charge you for an extra speed repair- it’s a standard at Free Fusion!

If you are annoyed by constant charging of your handset and you do not wish to delay any longer with this, then enough is enough- start you’re a beneficial change now by booking an order for iPhone X battery replacement.
It will take only a day or an hour!


iPhone X battery replacement in the UK


iPhone X is still one of our favorites! New analysis put forward that an iPhone X is one of the most popular models, even though there are a lot of brand new Apple handsets in the retail sales. Great amount of phone users do not want to change their iPhones for latest types as they do not miss them and they are not happy ruin themselves, especially that iPhone X totally make them satisfied! It’s pretty understandable that a battery may be used after a couple of years of using, so to hold your beloved type of cell in the proper condition you need iPhone X battery replacement.

It’s comforting to know that an iPhone X cell is created on the lithium-ion technology and it’s significantly bigger than in previous, iPhone X model about 19 per cent. It’s a lot! The service life of this battery is 2716 miliamps Hour, which allow an average phone owner stay away from the cable for with no effort two or three days or even longer than that period.

However, if you play with your handset for few hours daily, you may think about replacing of the battery.
Furthermore, almost all favorites applications and entertainment software pieces very quickly take too much the strength from phone’s power cells so if you are big enthusiast of Fortnite or Crush Candy Saga, or just use your mobile as a Sat Nav, it’s very predictable that you may need the battery replacement iPhone X sorted much faster than other mobile users!

iPhone X battery replacement UK is one of the most common mobile fixing on the UK market at the moment, because the lifespan of the battery is nearly terminated- no wonder why- in the end we used them for long years! However you do not have to get rid of your device, no way!

First of all, you may wish to give your iPhone a second, extremely superb and long life by uncomplicated iPhone X battery replacement- it’s the fastest and the cheapest procedure to being glad user of iPhone X another time.

Even if you do not want to keep your iPhone X longer, you wish to just hold it as an extra phone, because it’s still good enough to operate on the current iOS, its motherboard is well built and high-speed enough to manage with all most recent applications for entertainment, health or business; if you would be in need and have no choice but dispatch your current handset for fixing, you can promptly restore your phone from the iCloud to your phone and instantly come back to your normal life duties.

Apple iPhone X battery replacement may also carry loads of fun for your kids! If you do not want to waste too much funds for high-priced, new generations, you able to make your progeny glad with your “old” iPhone X as its powerful processor and capacious memory let your kids play preferred games or use YouTube to watch videos and cartoons endlessly!

In such circumstances, if you make a decision to carry out iPhone X replacement battery at Free Fusion, first and foremost- we can guarantee you swift, secured service by delivering fully certified product.

It’s not end of good news! Another one is that if you would decide for iPhone X battery replacement in store, it will steal only 1 hour of your time!
In conclusion, if you are too busy to come or you are too far from us, you may just use our online service- then it will be sorted and dispatched back to you in 24 hours!


iPhone X battery replacement cost


Beginning with a simple speering: what is better- iPhone battery replacement or new phone- you ought to be aware that the value of iPhone X battery replacement is just a decimal value of the new device, which generally may cost you nearly a thousand pounds if it’s new, not to mention about a nuisance with finding of extra deals for best value iPhone etc.

There is no need to spend this painful amount for a brand new phone, specially if your iPhone X is all nice and good, it just needs a new battery. Our the best example is: if the tires in your car are worn and ow, you don’t have to buy a new car, you can just change them for new ones! Truth be told, the same thing is with your handset- instead of buying of new one, just exchange aged, used storage cell for brand new one and make your life simple like before!

Apple iPhone X battery replacement is very common mending because it’s pretty inexpensive. Basically anyone, who uses iPhone may cover this repair, without bigger harm for the wallet.

In fact, when we try to find a cheap iPhone X battery replacement, we should be very cautious, because it may be tricky purchase. Some services or shops offer-more or less- very cheap repairs. We need to be aware of fact, that they are very frequently a used and removed from knackered phones or previously affected by a liquid damage, which make them very dangerous for a user, because they may boil themselves or drip acid fluids.

Therefore, it’s pointless to risk own life or health by saving a couple of pounds on the iPhone X battery replacement price.
In reality, at Free Fusion we do not provide batteries from used or dead devices. All our power cells are certified and covered by appropriate, recorded warranty. We are very positive with them, because they are brand new and obey with the latest regulations.

At Free Fusion you can always obtain the best iPhone X battery replacement mends. We do not offer a fake iPhone X replacement battery for pennies.
We provide the excellent quality parts at reasonable price for everyone.

We are aware of simply fact that each one of us want to economize some funds, but if you want to ask us how much iPhone X battery replacement, we would say it’s still less than brand new or even second hand handset. We are certain that the battery replacement iPhone X which we supply won’t disappoint you. And we have assurance that the iPhone X battery replacement cost includes not only a battery only, but also perfect quality, fantastic turnaround, 5 star customer support, written guarantee, the same lengthy like from Apple Store and eventually after-sale care.

Regardless to what would happen to your phone, we won’t disappoint you, because before we put the power cell in your phone, first we will confirm that your phone really requires that. If not, if the power problem is linked to the CPU or to different not-repairable issue, we will let you know and won’t charge you for our job to do not waste your funds.

Here, at Free Fusion you will meet only dependable, true team who not only run a business, but have a mission. If you still have a suspicions, please find our opinions- they will tell you everything you would like to know!


iPhone X battery replacement near me


If suddenly your phone fades due to lack of energy, it’s more than likely you will ask your family or friends who can help just straight away, or, if you can’t then you go to Google and type “iPhone X battery replacement near me cost” and then control all local shops and their service and quotes. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to get iPhone X battery replacement just promptly and it’s a lot of reasons why: you may not be able to figure out somebody who will be able to support you at the local level, or, you are in doubt are they specialist or dilettantes. In addition, you may be also reluctant to bring your device to somebody who has dubious fame.

Luckily, we can help with this trouble. At Free Fusion, one of the most frequent mends is Apple iPhone X battery replacement.
Usually, we don’t treat it as a fix, it’s more like a maintenance service, as truly, nothing is broken here, it’s just used and empty part which should be changed at least once a year or even quicker, if you are very active on your phone.

Consequently, at Free Fusion we don’t provide secondhand or renewed battery replacement iPhone X – it’s not us. Our goals always lead us to deliver the greatest parts as only possible, that’s why we supply only power cells, which are fully certified. It gives us peace of mind that no matter what would occur, we can be certain that the issue is not related to a part which has been provided within a repair.

Accordingly, due this reason, we always deliver longer guarantee for iPhone X replacement battery and we don’t worry that our clients might complain about that, because we know they will not do this, just because fantastic quality of the service and product make our clients pleased.
At Free Fusion, iPhone X battery replacement warranty is long enough to cover all sudden, undercovered mishaps; nonetheless, we don’t foresee them, because they are exceptionally unusual and they are related rather to the CPU than the battery.

Nowadays, when we live in times of advanced technology and widespread internet, we can just say that the world is a village where you can find and say aloha even to guys who are a millions miles away from you.

We don’t want you to pass your mobile to a service you do not know, for this reason we, with a clear conscience, can reassure you that at Free Fusion we are honest guys who will look after you and your device.

Usually, when people are wondering who we are, we send them to our Facebook page, to Trustpilot or Google and advise them just read our feedbacks, because they are left by real, genuine people who left their mobiles and tablets to our store or just shipped them via online service to our shop.

After long years of our work at Free Fusion, we have huge number of clients- consumers and business ones who are return to us, year after year. It means a lot for us!

Our clients come back to us, because that they always receive the professional service and fantastic customer care.
Very usually we know them in person, we remember their stories and we keep in mind their faces and names or members of their families.
We are very proud feel proud of this, because users of our service know, that they are not only digits in our online booking system, they are genuine people for us.

Because of that we would like to encourage you to trust us and instead of take your iPhone to someone, who is not good enough to complete your repair; just dispatch your phone to Free Fusion technicians who can look after your phone from the beginning to the end.

iPhone X battery replacement service is our everyday bread and butter. If we talk about the power problems with iPhone users, we hear pretty often that loosing of energy because of age of the cell is not only issue.

Majority of our clients are searching for iPhone X battery replacement out of warranty, because they know that Apple won’t help them under guarantee terms or they charge them badly.

We aware of these issues and we always offer iPhone X battery replacement same day or iPhone X battery replacement while you wait, which make iPhone users really glad as no-one wish to be without a handset for a long time!

iPhone X battery replacement time is crucial for our clients and, by contrast to our competitors, we wouldn’t dare ask you to pay more for same day mends.
At Free Fusion, prompt repairs are completely free of charge!


Battery Replacement To Another iPhone

  • Certified, brand new battery covered by extended guarantee
  • Replacement offered with while-you-wait or 24 turnaround


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