Your favorite iPhone is probably one of the most important devices you use during the day. Unfortunately it’s also susceptible to various types of damages. Many smartphone users have had problems with their iPhone 6S that required some kind of repair at least once in its life span. If your device is broken and you are looking for a reliable, professional service centre for iPhone 6S repair– you found us!

Our Services

The best iPhone 6s repair near me

At Baltimore Maryland Cell Phone Repair Store US Wireless Repair
we provide a professional service for a range of Apple devices, not only iPhones but also iPads and iPods too. Feel free to visit us when you need us or if your iPhone 6s warranty is finished. Unlike many other service centres in the US we use only certified parts – not refurbished or second hand ones – so after the repair your device will be as good as new. We have a huge team of experts who are very experienced. Although we’re located in the Baltimore Maryland Cell Phone Repair Store US Wireless Repair
we invite people from all around the US to use our service. You just need to use our Send-in-Service option and we will start our work as soon as we receive your device. Here are the most popular iPhone 6 repairs that you can order at Baltimore Maryland Cell Phone Repair Store US Wireless Repair

Water damage repair of iPhone 6s

Unfortunately it is very easy to drop your smartphone and its even worse when it falls into water or other liquids. Even if the device still works after the accident it still requires immediate action. After initial water damage make sure to turn off your device as soon as possible this will help prevent cause shortages on the motherboard which can cause irreparable damage. Here at Baltimore Maryland Cell Phone Repair Store US Wireless Repair
we will open your device and using highly professional cleaning equipment clean the motherboard and all the internal components of your device. Once the cleaning is complete and the device is 100% dry we will undergo a full thorough diagnosis to determine the damage and what repairs are needed to have your device back to working order.

Fix iPhone 6s’ battery

After about 300 charging cycles the battery capacity in your smartphone starts to decrease the only thing you can do to repair this is replace the old battery with a new one. If you need to charge your device more often that before or you notice a swelling in the screen this is a clear sign its time to replace the battery in your device. Here at Baltimore Maryland Cell Phone Repair Store US Wireless Repair
we offer iPhone 6s repairs US of that kind – you don’t need to buy a new device. We will always assess your device when its with our store to make sure that you are getting the correct repair for your device as sometimes charging issues can be related with other components such as the charging port.

Apple iPhone 6s’ repair – broken screen

Even if you take good care of your iPhone accidents happen and breaking the screen is the most common accident that occurs. Thankfully this type of accident is not the end of the world and it can be fixed at our service centre. In most cases only the first layer of the iPhone 6s screen needs replaced, however after serious impact you may also need to replace the LCD. No matter the type of damage we are confident in our repairs and are able to fix it at very reasonable price. Don’t worry when we receive your device we will diagnose it and make sure you have chosen the correct repair.

How It Works?

Choose your repair

Know exactly what you need? Screen repair, battery replacement or something else, just click on the correct icon for you. If you are not sure, don’t worry, we also offer a professional diagnosis service to clarify all doubts for you.

Send it to us for repair

If your local, just pop in to our store and leave your phone for express repair, but if you are not, don’t worry because we offer a send in service too so we can be accessible for everyone!

Receive your device

If you are collecting your device we will let you know the moment its ready, but if you are online, we will post your device back out to you asap via recorded delivery with optional upgrades on return postage!