iPhone Screen Replacement OLED or LCD

The LCD is liquid crystal display. It’s a simple, flat panel which works with a polarizer. What is the most important here, liquid crystals cannot emit light directly, and they must be supported by a backlight.
Also, the LCD is a bit more heavy than OLED. The weight of the LCD screen is related to the two glass panels used in the screen.
What we like in LCD is its solidity. Even if the LCD screen is smashed, it still may work for a long time and gives us time to arrange an iPhone screen replacement in the most convenient time.

OLED technology is quite new. It’s built on the basis of independent- illuminated pixels and an OLED screen displays light and colour independently. While LCDs give much more bright light, OLEDs offer deeper colours. It’s a bit slimmer and lighter than an LCD, no doubt. But again, it’s related to how it’s built- while LCD has two glass panels, the OLED has one only, but plastic one.
The thing we love in OLEDS is better response time. You may not notice that just straight away, but during the day when you use your phone constantly, you can feel the difference.

It’s worth mentioning that the LCD we offer to our customers are fully compatible with the Apple devices and won’t cause any issue in your equipment, so if you are worried about the quality of the repair, there is nothing to worry about!

Apple used OLED screens in: iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11 Pro Max. LCDs are applied in iPhone XR and iPhone 11.

We hope that answer to your question “iPhone screen replacement OLED or LCD” is clear for you now!

iPhone screen replacement OLED or LCD cost

Like all new technologies, OLED is more expensive, but mainly due to the electroluminescent components and phosphors. These compounds are very expensive and make the screen cost much higher than LCD.

iPhone Screen Replacement OLED or LCD Cost

In simple words, LCD is cheaper than OLED because the cost of production of both of them is much different. LCD components are much more accessible and more economical, which is eventually reflected in the price of replacement.

If you would like to save some money, you can easily use the LCD screen in your iPhone, even though you originally had the OLED one. It’s very unlikely you will see the difference in using the device, however, the relief for your pocket will be significant. Definitely, the iPhone LCD replacement cost is cheaper than iPhone OLED screen replacement cost.

Some of us prefer to go to the Apple indication and use OLED replacement for smashed OLED, but it’s really personal preference. In fact, iPhone screen replacement OLED or LCD costs depend on what type of screen you would prefer to have in your device.
For us, both screens are good and will be used in Apple phones for a long time.

OLED or LCD iPhone screen replacement near me

We know that if you had your screen smashed, you would prefer to go locally- it saves money and time, but it’s not always good for you. Most local shops offer not properly checked parts, very often they do not inform customers what type of screen they use in customer equipment and they take advantage of lack of knowledge of their customers. We heard many times that people who repair phones at home sell LCD (which is much cheaper) as OLEDS. Personally, I feel that it’s not fair and I would like to know what will happen with my phone and what will be implemented in my device, as it costs me a lot!

iPhone Screen Replacement OLED or LCD Near Me

We are not like others; we offer a choice to our customers and leave the decision of what is better for them in their hands.
If you cannot rely on the local repairers or have a doubt, it’s better to use Baltimore Maryland Cell Phone Repair Store US Wireless Repair
online booking. Time of repair is 24 hours; the guarantee provided always precisely describes the type of used parts and the type of repair.

You can be completely confident here- the transparency of our website and excellent customer service should help you to decide what the best is for you.

To make your life easier, we prepared the short list of LCDs and OLEDs replacement below: