Xbox 360 Diagnosis

How does the inspection option work?

Once we receive the Xbox 360, we will test out and diagnose the fault. We will then call you and explain what we have found and the price for repair.

This inspection charge is deducted from the repair price making it free if you go ahead with a repair.

If you didn’t want us to carry out the repair there is no further charge and we will return the Xbox 360 to you.  You only pay for the repair once we have completed the repair and tested it.


Xbox 360 inspection. Is this the right repair for you?

>You’re unsure which repair option to choose (you can always email us a description of the fault and we can advise)
>You would like a diagnosis before committing to a repair

XBOX Game Console Repair Baltimore

>Courier collection available
>3 – 5 working day standard tunraround
>Online tracking to keep you up to date


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