PS3 Playstation 3 Original Firmware Repair

What causes the PS3 Original firmware faults?

Due to the technology of hard drives (HDD) and software they can unfortunately fail. Bad updates can cause issues as can problems with game saves. Sometimes a PS3 HDD corruption can be caused by the user though, a bad drop or liquid damage for example. Also anyone who tries modding their console can cause issues with both the HDD or firmware.

** Sometimes the hard drive has completely failed and needs replacement. This will be at an additional cost dependant on what size hard drive you would like. Please call for latest prices**


PS3 Original Firmware Fault. Is this the right repair for you?

>PS3 stuck in update loop
>PS3 freezes on start menu
>PS3 restores HDD every time you turn it on

The Gamer-Tech Service

>Courier Collection available
>3 – 5 working day standard tunraround
>Online tracking to keep you up to date


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