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Is your Xbox One constantly freezing? Is your PS4 over heating? Is the HDMI port broken? Don’t let problems with your console stop you from enjoying playing your favorite games.

US Wireless Repair offers game console repair. We offer Xbox repair, PlayStation repair, Nintendo repair, or other game console devices. US Wireless Repair will analyze the underlying problem causing your console to malfunction and provide details solutions in order to get the problem fixed. Have your game console, controller, tablet or smart phone repaired locally in Baltimore. … Console Repair. Game Console Repair in baltimore Maryland. XBOX One, 360, PS4n Nintendo, Hdmi and Harddisk Repair in Baltimore maryland. 




Sony Playstation Repairs (All Playstation Systems)

System running slow or having perpetual HEAT issues? Need a specialist to keep it cool with some new thermal paste so you console doesn’t go thermal? Older systems have a common heating problem….. bring it to us before total meltdown. Yes… we can fix it….Bring it US Wireless Repair for all your repair needs.

Here are some common issues you may have that we can fix:

  • Not Reading Discs
  • Start-up Problems 
  • Network Problems
  • Hard Drive Issues
  • Graphics Problems
  • Green Screen
  • Overheating
  • No Sound
  • System Freezing
  • Random Shutdowns
  • No Picture
  • Controllers Will Not Connect



Microsoft Xbox Repairs (All Xbox Systems)

Is your Microsoft Xbox damaged or broken? US Wireless Repair techs can diagnose and fix your Xbox and have you back in the game. Spilled something on your Xbox, sister knocked it over, tripped over a cord during an Epic adventure….. no problem. Having a problem? US Wireless Repair can resolve it!

Common Xbox system problems:

  • 1,2 or 3 red lights
  • E74 (GPU Failure)
  • Freezing
  • Excessive Heat
  • Discs Errors
  • Crappy Graphics
  • No Sound/Picture
  • Power Issues
  • Controller problems
  • Network Issues
  • Drive Failure
  • Scratching Games/DVD’s
  • Tray Jamming


Nintendo Wii Repair (All Wii Systems)

The Nintendo Wii does not have as many problems as some of the other game consoles…. BUT it definitely can fail just like any other piece of electronics. Most Wii users are younger than that of the XBOX and Playstation systems…. A disc can get stuck because it was inserted incorrectly (or even something other than a disc inserted). Whatever happens, we can fix it.

Here are some common Wii issues:

  • Not Reading Discs
  • Sound Issues
  • Disc Eject Problems
  • Won’t Turn On
  • No Picture
  • Physical Damage
  • Freezing
  • Crazy Buzzing Sounds
  • Wired/Wireless Network Problems
  • Overheating
  • Controller Issues
  • HDMI Port Repair (Same Day)
  • Hard Drive Replacement/ Upgrade
  • System Over Heating
  • Liquid Damage Repair
  • YLOD, RROD, WLOD, (Yellow, Red Ring, and White Light of Death)
  • Controller/Gamepad Issues
  • WiFi Antenna Problems
  • Game Disc Drive Read Errors
  • Game Disc Stuck in Drive or Malfunction
  • And all other Repairs for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and PC.

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